About Bioethics and Film

Vision of the Program in Bioethics and Film

Founded in 1998 by award-winning filmmaker and physician, Maren Monsen, the Program in Bioethics and Film creates films and education programs that touch people emotionally and intellectually to cause them to think deeply about important issues in healthcare and improve care. Monsen has developed a singular style of interweaving documentary footage with haunting imagery and sound to create visually, intellectually and emotionally stirring documentaries that cross traditional boundaries to engage a wide audience — from medical students and healthcare providers to the general public.  


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Jonathan Berek, MD, MMS
Executive Director, Stanford Health Communication Initiative
Faculty Advisor, Film & Medicine

Maren Monsen, MD
Founding Director, Program in Bioethics and Film
Sustaining Advisor, Medicine and the Muse Senior Research Scholar, Emerita

Program in Bioethics and Film
Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics
Stanford University School of Medicine
1215 Welch Road, Modular A, #74
Stanford, CA 94305
phone: 650-498-5386
fax: 650-725-6131


A collaborative working group that gathers to screen, examine and have the option to create films related to the medical experience.

If you’d like to be involved, please contact Jonathan Berek (jberek@stanford.edu).