Anastomosis (Formerly H&P) is the student journal of the Stanford University School of Medicine. Learn more about our history and mission.

Anastomosis: a connection between two normally divergent structures. From the Greek anastomoun, “to provide with a mouth”.

Welcome to Anastomosis, Stanford University School of Medicine’s humanities and literary journal, formerly H&P for over ten years.

It is our mission to provide a communal platform that cultivates conversations around the human in the concept of patient. We are a magazine of essays, fiction, poetry, satire, interviews, and photography. Guided by our core principles of integrity, intellectual rigor, and the fostering of diverse perspectives, we seek to explore the Stanford Medical Community's experiences of and reflections upon all that is human in the practice of medicine through the publishing of thoughtful, dynamic, original works.

Anastomosis is currently a biannual publication available both online and in print. Articles include clinical case reports, original research, interviews with leaders in medicine, book reviews, medical humanities pieces, and original feature articles. To view current and past issues of Anastomosis, and past issues of H&P, please visit our archives.

We welcome article submissions and queries; please view our contact information.