The Aiming Higher After 50: What Comes Next? virtual conference was conceived from a perceived unmet need in the healthcare community: what happens when life changes course? How do we respond in ways that honor ourselves, our wisdom, and our families? This gathering was created to make space for these questions, and to give leaders in the field a place to share their research. 

This conference was held virtually on October 15, 2022.

A chalkboard stood in the middle of New York City asking passersby to write down their biggest regrets.  As the board filled up, we noticed that all of these responses had one alarming thing in common. Created and Directed by Jordan Zaslow

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32nd Annual Jonathan J. King Lecture with Dr. Louise Aronson | October 11, 2022

"Elderhood: Reimagining Healthcare for an Aging Population"



By Thomas McMahon, Ed.D.
Dance for All People: Everyone is a Dancer, Rachel Balaban

Dance for All People (DAPpers) is a multigenerational dance class designed for people with movement challenges and aging bodies. DAPpers believes in the power of all people to find vitality, creativity and joy within our own bodies. DAPpers celebrates each other as we are and fosters growth through dance, music, and dialogue in a welcoming community that encourages people of all ages, abilities, and identities to flourish. 
        By Frish Brandt 
     By Tom Krummel, MD
    By Donald Kennedy 

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