Storytelling and Medicine Summer Scholar Program

Medical Humanities & the Arts

Stanford University’s eight-week virtual program in Medical Humanities emphasizes study in creative expression—poetry, fiction, nonfiction, dance, visual art, podcasting, and more—that encourages students to explore through stories and lectures the complex influences of medicine, art, and the human experience. 

The human experience finds its voice and understanding through the arts—both embodied and on the page—and in the complex and rapidly-changing landscape of healthcare. The Covid-19 pandemic has made opportunities to reflect, to tell diverse stories, and to share common humanity essential.  

Through a program of study that includes a rigorous combination of writing workshops, lectures, conversations with medical students and physicians who maintain an art practice, interdisciplinary study in multiple avenues of artistic expression, and intensive one-on-one work mentorship, our Summer Scholar Program offers gifted students an original and intensive opportunity to document, inquire, reflect and celebrate the complexities of our lives. All students will be mentored to create a high quality final project in the media of their choice. 

Learn more about the Storytelling and Medicine Summer Scholar Program by checking out the brochure, exploring our unique world-class faculty, Laurel Braitman PhD, Animal Madness, Danielle Ofri MD, What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine, Lucy Kalanithi MD, When Breath Becomes Air, and learning about our Med Scholars Program for current medical students. 

Deadline Extended: Feb 21, 2023

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