Stanford Medicine Art & Anatomy Summer Program (9th-12th grade)

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The Art & Anatomy Program is a 2-week summer immersion in visual storytelling. For 2024 we are offering a fully in-person program. 

June 17-28, 2024

The program will include a speaker series from leading anatomists, physicians, and creatives whose work blend art and medicine. This will be followed by a week of drawing mentorship to develop a resolved final illustration. Students will present their final projects to a panel of artists, museum curators, and physicians. 

At the end of this program, students will have developed skills to improve their visual, technical, and anatomical knowledge. We are looking for a mix of people in the sciences and arts -- no prior drawing or anatomy experience is required. 

This exceptional program leverages the unique aspects of Stanford School of Medicine’s world-class community to support learners as they hone their skills and build a lasting community of learners and friends.


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Deadline to apply: March 18, 2024

Stanford employees receive 10% off the price of tuition. 

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