Health Equity Media Fellowship FAQ

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Stanford Health Equity Media Fellowship

Deadline extended: April 17, 2023





1. What is the Stanford Health Equity Media Fellowship?

This fellowship is a paid, yearlong reporting and mentorship opportunity for

a team composed of one journalist and one health professional. It is

designed to support long-form, solutions-driven reporting on health equity

in the United States.


2. What does the fellowship entail?

The fellowship consists of three parts. First, fellows will participate in an

intensive in-person bootcamp at Stanford University's medical campus from

September 7 to 22, 2023. Then, they will spend the bulk of the year being

mentored as they work on different stories. Lastly, fellows will spend the

final months working at a news organization.


3. Who is eligible to apply?

The fellowship is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including

those with traditional journalism backgrounds as well as careers in health

or research. Early career journalists, researchers, clinicians, and those in

public health are encouraged to apply.


4. What’s the focus of this year’s final projects?

Fellows will be expected to deliver 2-3 final projects that incorporate Asian

health, either as a primary or as an ancillary focus. The final projects can

be in any medium. Other projects and teaching throughout the year will

focus broadly on health, equity, reporting and media production.


5. Can the fellowship be conducted remotely?

Remote work is possible for the majority of the fellowship. However, fellows

must attend the monthlong in-person bootcamp at Stanford University's

medical campus. Please note that the externship placement toward the end

of the fellowship may also require on-site work.


6. What are the externship opportunities?

We are working with media partners to support an externship placement

with a regional or national news organization. Stay tuned for updates!


7. What is the stipend for the fellowship?

Each fellow will receive a stipend over $65,000 for the year, through a

graduate-equivalent stipend of around $5,500 per month.


8. Can fellows have supplemental income during the fellowship?

Yes, fellows can have supplemental income through freelancing,

moonlighting as a physician, or any other projects. However, at least 80%

of their time should be dedicated to the fellowship and developing stories.


9. When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is April 17, 2023.


10. Where can I find the application?

The link to the application can be found here:


11. What if the application fee is a barrier to applying?

Please request a fee waiver by



12. Who can I contact for additional questions?

For further inquiries, contact