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31st Annual Jonathan J. King Lectureship featuring Dr. Betty Ferrell

The Future of Palliative Care After the Storm

Tuesday, October 5th, 5:30pm Pacific

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Psychology Today, 09/22/2021

Stanford Releases Report on the Current State of AI

"In the last five years, the field of AI has made major progress in almost all its standard sub-areas, including vision, speech recognition and generation, natural language processing (understanding and generation), image and video generation, multi-agent systems, planning, decision-making, and integration of vision and motor control for robotics..."

Russ Altman was quoted in this article.

Read more here.

Advanced Health Care Directive

California law give you the ability to ensure that your health care wishes are known and considered if you become unable to make these decisions yourself. Completing a form called an “Advance Health Care Directive” allows you to do a number of things:

Appoint another person to be your health care “agent”

Delineate your health care wishes, such as:

  • Health care instructions, including life support, organ and tissue donation
  • Revoke prior directives

The sample form is above for reference. Acknowledgment before a notary public is not required if two qualified witnesses have signed this Directive in Part 5. In other words this is a free legally binding document.

Select "Centers, Institutes and More," then "Other Designation (specify below)" then type in "Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics."

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Topic: Physician Assisted Death of Persons with Non-Terminal Conditions

Tuesday, November 16, 10am-11am PDT

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