Stuck@Home Concert

Stanford Medicine’s ‘Stuck@Home’ series closes the distance between medicine and art despite social distancing

March, 2020. Medicine & the Muse was in the process of assembling the first ever School of Medicine Symphony Concert. When Covid-19 befell our community, Executive Director Jacqueline Genovese and Dr. Bryant Lin joined forces to launch a concert experience online. Each month, members from the Stanford Medicine community come together on Thursday nights to perform a multitude of artistic expressions including playing the cello, singing musicals, doing magic and much more... on Zoom.

Listen to this short radio clip on KCBS for a quick overview. Read about many moments of musical innovation at Stanford during the pandemic here and in this newsletter from the National Association of Medical Orchestras (NAMO). And learn about the creation of this unique series from the event co-hosts in this article, The Creative Awakening Happening at Stanford Medicine.  

We believe in the power of music to heal and unite, particularly during uncertain times.

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This event is on-going, free and open to the public with registration. Register here. If you are interested in performing at a future Stuck@Home concert, contact Jacqueline Genovese.

Sponsored with support from a Stanford COVID-19 Creative Community Response Grant, (OVPA).