Stanford Children's Health (SCH) Epic Access for Research Monitors

Please submit a Help Ticket HERE for any questions, issues, or modifications regarding SCH Epic Access for Monitors.

Instructions:  Complete the online request form per the SOP for any monitor (i.e., Industry Sponsor, FDA) who requires LPCH Epic access for research auditing purposes.  

Monitor Update Session for Requestors

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Tuesday, September 22


Timeline: Submit a request by completing the Online Request Form (RedCap questionnaire) below at least 15 business days prior to your monitor’s requested first day of access.  If the requester does not receive a notification within 5 business days of the monitor’s first day of access, please submit a Help Ticket HERE

**Do not submit a request any earlier than 20 business days prior to your monitor’s requested first day of access.**

IMPORTANT: Prior to completing form, ensure you have ALL the following information and documents available to upload:

  1. PDF of the completed and signed Stanford Children’s Health Remote Monitor Agreement
  2. PDF of your IRB Approval Letter (
  3. List of all Medical Record Numbers (MRNs) to which the monitor will need access   
  4. For each MRN, the following will be required:
    1. PDF of the entire Informed Consent Form (ICF) with signature(s) along with the corresponding PDF of the entire Assent Form (AF) with signature(s) as required by regulation. Access request will not be processed if any of the ICFs and AFs are missing. (ICFs and AFs can be downloaded from the Scanned Documents tab in Epic.) (HINT: use ‘print to PDF’.)
    2. Due to patient privacy concerns, please provide the minimum date range of medical encounters (start and end dates) for each MRN to which the monitor will need access. The start date can be prior to the participant’s study start date (e.g., for access to medical history). (HINT: This is not the dates of remote access for the monitor.)

Important notes about this process

  • Requests missing any of the above required documents will not be processed.
  • Access request will not be processed if any of the ICFs and AFs are missing.
  • Due to the backlog of studies that require monitor visits during shelter-in-place, requests may take longer than usual to process.
  • This is the only process by which monitors may access SCH Epic remotely.


Modification or Changes to Your Epic Access Request

If you are making any modification or changes in your request, please click on this link to open a ticket, and it will be directed to the appropriate person in our team, who will be able to properly and timely process your request.