Diabetes Research Center Pilot and Feasibility Seed Grants

MCHRI Funded Partner

The Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) funds the Stanford Diabetes Research Center (DRC) Pilot and Feasibility Seed Grants for projects related to maternal and child health efforts.  

FY 2023 Awards

Eric Appel, PhD
Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Study Title: Development of A Tolerogenic Vaccine for the Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes

Martha Cyert, PhD
Professor, Biology
Study Title: Mapping Calcineurin Signaling Pathways That Cause Pancreatitis

FY 2022 Awards

Assistant Professor, Medicine
Collaborators: Michael Hughes, MD and Sejal Shah, MD
Study Title: Optimizing Adult Endocrinology Receivership from Pediatric Endocrinology Through Guided Transfer
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Collaborators: David Maahs, MD, PhD and Korey Hood, PhD
Study Title: Use of Continuous Glucose Monitors in Publicly-Insured Youth with Type 2 Diabetes - A Pilot and Feasibility Study

FY 2021 Awards

Danny Chou, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Endocrinology & Diabetes)
Study Title: Next Generation Insulin Therapeutics Enabled by Computational Protein Design

Monique Barakat, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Gastroenterology) and Medicine (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)
Study Title: Morphological and Molecular/Cellular Profiling of Pancreatic Primary Cilia Across The Human Lifespan and in Pancreatitis

Yair Blumenfeld, MD
Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology (Maternal Fetal Medicine)
Study Title: Fasting Versus Fed: Effect of Oral Intake Prior to the Glucose Tolerance Test in Pregnancy

2020 Awards

Laya Ekhlaspour, MD
Instructor, Pediatrics - Endocrinology and Diabetes
Study Title: Modeling and Modulating Insulin Delivery in Automated Insulin Delivery Systems to Accommodate for Meal Compositions

Eric Appel, PhD
Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Study Title: Expanding Global Access to Insulin by Eradicating the Cold Chain

James Priest, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Cardiology)
Study Title: Dissecting Mechanisms of Maternal Diabetic Risk for Congenital Heart Disease in Offspring

2018 Awards

Eric A. Appel, PhD
Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Co-Is: Bruce Buckingham, MD, Pediatrics; David Maahs, MD, PhD; Pediatrics 
Study Title: Novel Ultra-fast Insulin Formulations for Diabetes Treatment

H. Tom Soh, PhD (Faculty Sponsor)
Professor, Electrical Engineering and of Radiology
PI: Amani Hariri, PhD, Electrical Engineering, Radiology, and ChEM-H Institute
Collaborators: Jelena Vuckovic, PhD, Electrical Engineering; Seung Kim, MD, PhD, Developmental Biology
Study Title: Real-time biosensor for continuous in vivo detection of glucose