Policy Updates

COVID-19 Updates to No-Cost Extension Policy

Date Effective: 4/27/20
During the COVID-19 health crisis, MCHRI is acting in accordance with our no-cost extension (NCX) policy.*  MCHRI allows requests for NCXs of up to 6 additional months due to unforeseen circumstances.  Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the award end date.  We anticipate a NCX for your MCHRI award may be necessary given the restrictions on research due to COVID-19.  We are requesting recipients of awards impacted by COVID-19 to complete the online NCX form through the link here.  MCHRI requires an update on progress to date and asks that you provide an assessment of the impact from COVID-19 on your research in your request.  This information will be taken into consideration at the time of final progress report. These are no-cost extensions only and any requests for additional funds will not be considered. 

*NCX’s are not allowed for MCHRI Bridge, Clinical (MD) Trainee & Postdoctoral Support awards.

Postdoctoral Support Program 

*NEW UPDATES* Date Effective: 7/9/20 - Updates to Postdoctoral Support Program criteria
Beginning in the fall cycle of fiscal year 2021, the Postdoctoral Support Program will have the following new criteria:

  1. The number of applications and total number of funded postdoctoral fellows per lab/PI shall be limited to one per cycle and at any given time. 
  2. Similar to NIH policies, resubmissions shall be limited to one. 
  3. IRB application must be submitted prior to the submission of the MCHRI application and the review meeting date stated in the MCHRI application. 
  4. Incomplete applications will no longer be accepted for completion after the deadline. All applications must be submitted with all required documents.

Date Effective: 12/16/19 - Appointment Date for postdoctoral scholars 
Postdoctoral scholars must have an appointment date effective no later than the application deadline in order to be eligible to apply in the current cycle. 

Date Effective: 9/1/19 - Funding update for postdoctoral scholars 
The MCHRI will provide salary-only support up to $80,000 in year 1 to remain consistent with the University’s minimum salary for postdoctoral scholars.  The funding mechanism now requires a commitment from the primary mentor of $40,000 for year 2, providing a total combined MCHRI/primary research mentor support of $80,000 for year 2 of funding.