MCHRI Drug & Device Development Training Program


The D3 training program curriculum will be centered around the hands-on involvement on a medical product development project currently in the clinical phase within one of the program’s industry partners. Opportunities to individualize training and topics covered will be determined by the awardee and include interacting with different functional areas such as:

Medical Development

Clinical Pharmacology

Regulatory Affairs

Clinical Operations



Chemistry and Manufacturing


Preclinical DMPK,
Pharmacology & Toxicology

In addition, self-directed learning through curated readings and online webinars from the NIH and FDA on various aspects of medical product development will be available.  Participation in already established programs and courses relevant to this training program within the Stanford community before and after the onsite industry experience will also be valuable to supplement and enrich the training experience. Development of a personalized program curriculum will be generated by a Stanford faculty member after acceptance into the program.

For questions about the program, please contact Grant Wells.