Research Billing & Pricing

Research Billing

It is highly recommended you connect with the Packard Financial Services (PFS) prior to the start of the study. Before the start of your study, be sure to review it for any financial or billing implications. This ensures the study account is built in the electronic medicalrecord (EMR) system and the pre-requirements are completed before the start of the study. This also captures the "research bills" to the study account, not to the patient's guarantor account. Please note that failure to do so will cause confusion and assign the research bills to the patient/patient's insurance.

Research Billing Resources

SMCH Interpreter Services Costs

Research Consent Budgeting Interpreter Services Cost

Delivery Mode Need to Preschedule? Cost PTA Required? Details
Agency Interpreter Yes up to $135/hour depending on language Yes 2 hour minimum. Prorated for every additional 15 minute interval.
iPad/Video Interpretation No No Charge No Available in all clinics and inpatient units
Telephone interpretation No No Charge No Available in all clinics and inpatient units

For In-person Interpretation Services

You can submit a quote request for in-person interpretation for study budget development purposes. This quote is not designed for single specific patient encounter requests or iPad telephone encounters with Interpreter Services (these are provided at no cost). 

The Interpreter Services can provide a fee range for in-person language support for one patient and may need to request a consult with the study team for additional clarification. 

For more information, visit the Interpreter Services website at http//