Transdisciplinary Initiatives Program (TIP)

2019 Awards

Project Title: Prenatal Predictors of Child Mental Health: Testing a Neurobiological Model of Children’s Risk for Psychopathology
PI: Ian Gotlib, PhD, The Taube Family Endowed Transdisciplinary Investigator for Maternal Child Health,
School of Humanities & Sciences (Psychology)
Co-PI: David K. Stevenson, School of Medicine (Pediatrics)

Project Title: Reversal of Opioid-Induced Neonatal Cardiac Malformation Using CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing
PI: Detlef Obal, MD, PhD, DESA, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology, Perioperative & Pain Medicine)
Co-PI: Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD, School of Medicine (Medicine); Lei (Stanley) Qi, MA, PhD, Schools of Engineering & Medicine (Bioengineering) and School of Medicine (Chemical & Systems Biology)

Project Title: Quantifying Regionalized Care Delivery and Outcomes Using Network Science
PI: Jochen Profit, MD, MPH, School of Medicine (Pediatrics)
Co-PI: Jurij Lesckovec, PhD, School of Engineering (Computer Science)

Project Title: Real-time Biosensor for Treating Type 1 Diabetes in Children
PI: H. Tom Soh, PhD, School of Engineering (Electrical Engineering and Radiology)
Co-PI: Bruce Buckingham, MD, School of Medicine (Pediatrics)

Past Awards

Funding Rates

YEAR Letter of Intent Full Proposals
Awards Amount
FY17 16 4 4 $800,000
FY16 No awards issued due to lack of funding
FY15 23 9 5 $1,000,000
FY14 17 5 5 $1,000,000
FY12 8 4 4 $800,000