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MCHRI Education Committee Members

Anthony Oro, MD, PhD
Chair of MCHRI Education Committee and Co-Director of MCHRI; Professor of Dermatology

Baraka Floyd, MD, MSc
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics - General Pediatrics

Natalia Gomez-Ospina, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Medical Genetics and Stem Cell Transplantation)

Kelly Mahaney, MD
Assistant Professor , Neurosurgery

Kara Meister, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology (Head & Neck Surgery Divisions)

Trung Pham, MD, PhD
Instructor, Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases)


Ryan Christopher Padrez, MD
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics (General Pediatrics)

Zachary Sellers, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Gastroenterology)


Christina Tise, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Genetics)

Bo Yu, MD
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility)