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‘Chemo brain’ caused by malfunction in three types of brain cells

Three types of cells in the brain’s white matter show interwoven problems during the cognitive dysfunction that follows treatment with the cancer drug methotrexate, Stanford neuroscientists have found. Michelle Monje, associate professor of neurology and neurological sciences, is the senior author and an MCHRI Faculty Scholar.

Understanding the link between preeclampsia and heart disease later in life

Mark Hlatky, professor of medicine and of health research and policy, Virginia Winn, MD, PhD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and MCHRI Faculty Scholar, will lead an interdisciplinary study of the links.

Home videos of children can be scored to diagnose autism

Short home videos can be used to diagnose autism in children, according to a new Stanford study. MCHRI awardee, Dennis Wall, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics and of biomedical data science is the senior author.