Office of Community-Engaged Research (OCEnR)


Community-based participatory research is a partnered approach to research that equitably involves community members, organizational representatives, and academic researchers in all aspects of the research process. It enables all partners to contribute their expertise, with shared responsibility and ownership; it enhances the understanding of a given phenomenon; and, it integrates the knowledge gained with action to improve the health and well-being of community members, such as through interventions and policy change (Israel, Schulz, Parker, and Becker, 1998). 

Our mission is to promote health equity for maternal and child health populations by supporting community-engaged research initiatives and advancing strong collaborative partnerships between community, academic, and policy entities.

Our Services


Technical Assistance:
Please complete and submit this form to request technical assistance (TA) related to a community-engaged research project, such as consultation, resource sharing, training etc

We will review and respond to these requests pertaining to Maternal and Child Health populations.

Education & Training

MCHRI 5th Annual Symposium
Thursday, October 20, 2022
Li Ka Shing Center
View Symposium recordings here

Research in the Real World: Reducing Disparities in Our Backyard
MCHRI Virtual Seminar Series
(Recorded January 10, 2022)

Department of Pediatrics Faculty Meeting
February 2023

Increasing Diverse Representation in MCH Studies
MCHRI Seminar Series
(Recorded September 20, 2023)

Standards of Qualitative Research
MCHRI Qualitative Research Workshop Series
(Recorded September 20, 2023)

Principles of Community-Engaged Research
MCHRI Seminar Series
(Recorded September 27, 2023)

SCCR Virtual Coordinator Corner Workshop – Community-Engaged Research 101

(Recorded February 16, 2024)

Case Studies of Innovative Models - Patient & Community Engagement in Research
MCHRI Seminar Series
(Recorded March 4, 2024)

Current Partners Supporting Community-Engaged Research

Our Team

Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH, MSHS
Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Office of Community-Engaged Research, Maternal and Child Health Research Institute

Mary Chen, MS, MBA
Executive Director, Maternal and Child Health Research Institute
Assistant Dean, Maternal and Child Health Research

Dongmei Tan, MPH
Community-Engaged Research Manager, Maternal and Child Health Research Institute


If you’re interested in learning more or collaborating with us, please contact Dongmei Tan.