Community Partnership

An important mission of the Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) is to disseminate cancer information and education to Greater Bay Area communities, with a particular emphasis on reaching minority and medically underserved populations.  We seek authentic, consistent engagement with diverse communities to understand community needs, provide information and learn more about what we do not know.

In order to address health inequalities, partnering directly with communities affected by disparities gives the SCI the best chance of identifying strategies to reverse these trends.  Community stakeholders, individuals and organizations, are critical for understanding the needs of the constituents they represent. They are instrumental towards identifying potential strategies to address cancer disparities and implement research.

Community Education

The SCI Community SEED is an initiative to deliver cancer-related science learning and dialogue that is socially and culturally relevant for the community.

The SCI hosts the annual SCI Breast Cancer and African Americans Conference, which focuses on breast cancer disparities in African American populations in the Greater SF Bay Area and surrounding counties. Event includes informative dialogue with clinicians, researchers, health professionals, cancer survivors, caregivers, advocates, and other key stakeholders in the African American community.

Become a Community Partner with SCI

  • Are you concerned about cancer rates in your community and searching for answers?
  • Are you planning a community event or activity promoting cancer awareness?
  • Does your organization need technical support for program planning and/or evaluation?
  • Are you interested in conducting research with a SCI investigator?

The SCI is eager to develop and support partnerships and community-driven research and activities.  Please contact us to learn more.