SCBE In The News

January 2007:

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee is quoted in this San Jose Mercury News article discussing the future of personalized medicine concerning tailoring treatments to individual genetic traits.

Judy Illes discussed the future of neuroimaging, brain privacy and personhood in health and disease, and neuroethics in a live radio broadcast yesterday on the NPR-KERA called "Think" with Chris Boyd (Dallas, Texas).

David Magnus is quoted in this Monterey County Herald article discussing the need for kidney donors and the efforts of one patient to find a donor.

This Newsday article explores the current state of stem cell research and the prospects of getting expanded federal funding for it. Christopher Scott is quoted.

Christopher Scott is quoted in this article discussing the use of adult stem cells in treatment and research.

This article on discusses the use of adult stem cells in treating disease. Christopher Scott provides comment in this story.

David Magnus was featured in this KNTV-TV segment about a proposed law that would require all girls to get the cervical cancer vaccine.

This Time article discusses the new field of neuroethics, which is the study of the ethical and philosophical dilemmas provoked by advances in brain science. Many scientists are concerned about potential misuse of brain scanners. Judy Illes and Hank Greely with SCBE, are quoted.

David Magnus provides comment on about the future of genetic testing and some of the concerns surrounding the tests.