*SCBE Travel Card Policy Update during shelter-in-place orders: Any travel-related expenses (i.e., registration for any virtual conferences) must be purchased using a personal credit card. Reimbursements will be processed after the Travel Pre-Authorization Form is approved, and the Travel Reimbursement Form is submitted.

NOTE: All documents (paper receipts, invoices, program/conference schedules, etc.) must be scanned and uploaded into the appropriate web form. No hard copies or individual emails will be accepted. A member of the admin team will respond to your request within 2-3 business days.



SCBE does not allow individuals to use the SCBE Purchasing Card (PCard) without pre-approval. Please complete this form to request use of the SCBE PCard for SCBE-related purchases.

Please upload all backup documentation associated with your pre-approved PCard transaction.

Please complete this form to request reimbursement for completed transaction related to SCBE work or projects..

---IT Equipment and Ergonomic Home Work Station Request Form

This form is to be submitted by SCBE faculty, staff and postdocs only and is used to request IT equipment/office supplies for home workstations during shelter-in-place orders/limited Stanford campus operations. 


SCBE does not allow individuals to submit travel reimbursement requests, or use of the SCBE Travel Card without pre-authorization. Please complete this form for ALL SCBE related travel.

Please complete this form to request reimbursement for PRE-AUTHORIZED travel.

---Student Certificate for Authorized Expense

For all students, Post-docs, and Fellows, please complete the Student Certificate for Authorized Expense form and have it signed by the appropriate faculty member. Please email the scanned final copy to Vi Dang and CC Gabriella Rivera.

Please complete this form for any unused air travel. Return form to Vi Dang and CC Gabriella Rivera once completed.


Please complete this form if you would like to order any office supplies or equipment.

--New Supplier/Payee Form

If you need to pay an organization or individual for services rendered or reimburse someone for travel to SCBE-related work or events and they have never before been paid by Stanford, please complete this form. This will collect information we need to set up non-PO payments, visitor reimbursements, and/or purchase orders (PO).

-- STAP Reimbursement Request Form

If you took a professional/career development class/course to which you would like to apply STAP funds, please download this form, read the instructions, complete the form and gather all requisite documentation and send to Vi Dang.  

-- SCBE SUNet ID/Email Sponsorship Form

Please complete the Sponsorship form to grant access to a SUNet ID or Stanford email. Sponsorships are typically used for visiting appointments, former employees, contingent/student employees, etc. 

Please note that the Requestor must be an SCBE Faculty member and/or Supervisor.

-- SCBE New Casual, Contingent, & Student Hire Form

Please complete the SCBE New Casual, Contingent, & Student Hire Form if you wish to hire an undergraduate, graduate, or contingent employee to support any administrative, education, or research projects.