Jason Batten

  • Resident in Internal Medicine and Anesthesia
  • MD, Stanford University
  • MA, Bioethics, Loyola Marymount University
  • BA, Health and Humanity, University of Southern California

"I highly recommend the Stanford training program in ethical, legal, and social implications research to anyone interested in exploring a career in bioethics research. When I completed the predoctoral fellowship, I was a medical student considering a career as a physician investigator; the fellowship provided me with protected time and structure to receive world-class mentorship, get involved in a variety of research projects, and develop my own academic interests. Now that I am a medical resident in a research-track program, I continue to be surprised by how this fellowship experience has enabled me to continue to pursue research even as a busy clinician by giving me the background to design and select research experiences wisely. However, the best part of the fellowship is the people: the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics is full of incredible individuals with diverse personalities, backgrounds, interests, and career trajectories -- they will teach you so much simply by working alongside you."

Katherine Darling

  • PhD, Sociology, UC San Francisco
  • BS, Molecular Environmental Biology, UC Berkeley
  • "Throughout my time as a research assistant and postdoc, SCBE was a second “academic home”. My cross-training in ELSI, Medical Sociology, and Science & Technology Studies has opened up so many opportunities to collaborate with biomedical researchers and clinicians. The interdisciplinary faculty mentoring team at SCBE really enables trainees to walk between worlds and stretch the impacts and boundaries of ELSI work."

Heather Dron

  • PhD, History of Health Sciences, UC San Francisco
  • MPH, Global Health (Infectious Disease Emphasis), Emory University
  • BA, Molecular & Cellular Biology (Genetics Emphasis), UC Berkeley

Nicole Martinez-Martin

  • PhD, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago
  • JD, Harvard University

Daphne Martschenko

  • PhD, Education, University of Cambridge
  • MPhil, Politics, Development, and Democratic Education, University of Cambridge 

Megan Allyse

  • PhD, Sociology & Social Policy, University of Nottingham
  • BA, Communications & International Relations, Stanford University

Teneille Brown

  • JD, University of Michigan
  • BA, History and Sociology of Science, Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

Nanibaa' Garrison

  • PhD, Genetics, Stanford University
  • BS, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona

Anna Jabloner

  • PhD, University of Chicago
  • Mag. Phil., University of Vienna

“During my time as a fellow at SCBE, I conducted collaborative ethnographic research with Dr. Sandra Soo-Jin Lee. As part of the fellowship, I had opportunities to learn about different funding mechanisms for social science research in interdisciplinary settings, writing for wider academic and non-academic audiences, and opportunities for research on social and ethical dimensions of genetics. Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Lee as my postdoctoral mentor was the most amazing aspect of the fellowship.” 

Stephanie Kraft

  • JD, University of California Hastings College of the Law
  • BA, Economics, Stanford University
"My fellowship at SCBE was invaluable to my career in bioethics. In my time at SCBE, I had the opportunity to contribute to empirical bioethics research on cutting-edge topics, conduct clinical ethics consultations, and collaborate with and learn from a supportive and thoughtful group of interdisciplinary scholars. As a fellow and now, I always enjoy working with the faculty and fellows I met at SCBE."

Martine Lappé

  • PhD, Sociology, UC San Francisco
  • BA, Sociology, UC San Diego

Jennifer McCormick

  • PhD, Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Michigan
  • MPP, Public and Science Policy, University of Michigan
  • BS, Molecular Biology, Ohio Northern University

Marsha Michie

  • PhD, Anthropology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • BA, Mathematics, Music, Agnes Scott College


Lauren Milner

  • PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience, Oregon Health and Science University
  • BA, Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder

Aaron Neiman

  • BA, Anthropology, Hampshire College

"I am a medical anthropologist by training, and my fieldwork concerns the day-to-day operations of medical and scientific research institutes. In addition to giving me the time and resources to further develop my own thinking, my SCBE fellowship therefore also doubled as practical experience, as I became more familiar with the world of academic medicine. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to discuss case studies in bioethics, and to hear from a diverse array of experts in clinical practice, law, and philosophy. Speaking candidly, I also feel that my time as an SCBE fellow has significantly advanced my career: both the fact of having been a fellow, and the conference presentations I gave during my time, have opened up subsequent funding opportunities.  I am currently concluding my doctoral fieldwork in Sydney, Australia, supported by the NSF and the Wenner-Gren Foundation, where I study the emergence of electronic mental health therapies."  

Jennifer Singh

  • PhD, Sociology, UC San Francisco
  • MPH, Public Health Genetics, University of Washington
  • BS, Biological Sciences, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
"As a PhD student in sociology with a focus on medicine, health, science, and technology at UCSF, I had the privilege of working on an interdisciplinary research project with Judy Illes and Joachim Hallmayer on the ethics of genetics research on neurological difference and autism was our case study. This experience aligned with my experiences in recombinant DNA technology and public health and set a remarkable foundation for sociological analyses of autism genomic science. It also marked the beginning of over a decade of research on this issue. Perhaps most impactful of this experience was learning the peer-review publication process through two co-authored articles our team produced."

Holly Tabor

  • PhD, Epidemiology (Minor: Genetics)
  • AB, History and Science, Harvard University

Rebecca Wilbanks

  • PhD, Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University
  • BA, Biological Sciences and Comparative Literature, Cornell University