Biomedical Ethics Seminar Series

SCBE Seminars (Biomedical Ethics Seminars) are generally Tuesdays, 10am - 11am from September to June in the SCBE conference room, unless otherwise noted. 

Due to COVID-19, all seminars have been moved to a virtual format until further notice.

Invited Speakers Seminars are free-of-charge, and open to the public.  

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Sep September 21 Tue 2021

  • Speaker: September Williams
  • Topic: Where Bioethics and Complex Screen Narratives Meet
  • Recording available here

Oct October 19 Tue 2021

  • Speaker: Joshua Mezrich 
  • Topic: When Death Becomes Life: Notes From a Transplant Surgeon
  • Recording available here

Nov November 02 Tue 2021

  • Speaker: Jonathan Garfinkel
  • Topic: Diabetes as Illness and Metaphor: Stories from the Body-Technology
  • Recording available here

Nov November 16 Tue 2021

  • Speaker: Scott Kim
  • Topic: An Overview of Varieties of Medically Assisted Death Policies
  • Recording available here

Dec December 07 Tue 2021

Dec December 14 Tue 2021

  • Speaker: Kathryn Phillips
  • Topic: Who Will Benefit Vs. Who Will Pay? Reconciling the Irreconcilable Dilemmas of Genomic Medicine
  • Recording available here

Feb February 08 Tue 2022

Feb February 22 Tue 2022

  • Speaker: Mark Kuczewski
  • Topic: Undocumented Patients: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going?
  • Recording available here!

Mar March 16 Wed 2022

Apr April 12 Tue 2022

  • Speaker: Leah McClimans
  • Topic: Patient-Centered Measurement
  • Recording avaliable here

May May 10 Tue 2022

  • Speaker: Jennifer James
  • Topic: Black Feminism, Bioethics, and Carcerality: Exploring Informed Consent and Structural Violence to Understand Prisons as Eugenic Institutions
  • Register here!

May May 24 Tue 2022

Jun June 21 Tue 2022

  • Speaker: Barbara Koenig
  • Topic: Challenges in Constructing the Human Pan Genome
  • Registration available soon!