Biomedical Ethics Seminar Series

SCBE Seminars (Biomedical Ethics Seminars) are generally Tuesdays, 10am - 11am from September to June in the SCBE conference room, unless otherwise noted. 

Due to COVID-19, all seminars have been moved to a virtual format until further notice.

Invited Speakers Seminars are free-of-charge, and open to the public.  

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Oct October 03 Tue 2023

  • Speaker: Mary E. Homan, DrPH, MA, MSHCE
  • Topic: But Can it Be Measured? [Appropriately] Identifying the ROI, KPIs, and Metrics that Make Ethics Measurable
  • Recording available here

Oct October 17 Tue 2023

  • Speaker: Katie Shilton, PhD
  • Topic:  Excavating Awareness and Power for Trustworthy Data Science
  • Recording available here

Oct October 24 Tue 2023

  • Speaker: Dana Howard PhD
  • Topic: On the Ethical Uses and Abuses of Predicting People’s Preferences in Medicine.
  • Recording available here

Oct October 31 Tue 2023

Nov November 28 Tue 2023

  • Speaker: Warren Kinghorn
  • Topic:  Love and Trust in Health Care: Reframing the Conversation about Clinician Burnout and Moral Injury
  • Recording unavailable 

Jan January 16 Tue 2024

  • Speaker: Chelsey Carter, PhD
  • Topic: Epidemiological Exclusion of Black Patients in ALS Research and Care -- Overcoming Systemic Barriers
  • Recording unavailable

Jan January 23 Tue 2024

  • Speaker: Clement Chow, PhD
  • Topic:   Harnessing the Power of Genetic Variation: Precision Medicine in the Lab
  • Recording available here

Jan January 30 Tue 2024

Feb February 20 Tue 2024

Mar March 05 Tue 2024

  • Speaker:  Stephen Molldrem, PhD
  • Topic:  The Controversy Over Molecular HIV Surveillance and the Question of Consent in Public Health Ethics: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Recording available here

Mar March 19 Tue 2024

Apr April 02 Tue 2024

  • Speaker:  Paul Scherz, PhD
  • Topic:  Risk, AI, and the Ethics of Precision Medicine.
  • Recording available here

Apr April 16 Tue 2024

Apr April 30 Tue 2024

May May 28 Tue 2024

Jun June 04 Tue 2024

  • Speaker:  Andrew Stumpf, PhD
  • Topic:  The Meaning of Autonomy for Persons with Dementia
  • Recording available here

Jun June 18 Tue 2024

  • Speaker:  Michelle Bach, MD
  • Topic:  The Altered Mind: Ethics in Interventional Psychiatry
  • Recording available here