Medicine & the Muse Program
The Medicine & the Muse Program is the home for the arts, humanities and applied social sciences at the medical school, with programs and academic courses that support diversity and inclusion and integrate the arts and humanities into medical education, scholarly endeavors, and the practice of medicine.

The Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis (CERA)
The Center for ELSI Research and Analysis (CERA), launched in Fall 2019, is an interdisciplinary center with the twin goals of establishing a digital platform - ELSIhub - for scientists, scholars, policymakers, journalists, and the general public to learn about research on the ethical, legal and social implications of genetics and genomics (ELSI research), and fostering a community of multi-disciplinary researchers focused on high priority ELSI issues. Funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, ELSIhub|CERA is managed by teams at Stanford and Columbia Universities in partnership with The Hastings Center and Harvard University.