SCBE Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Arteaga, Daisy Executive Assistant (650)721-5335
Braitman, Laurel Writer-in-Residence (650) 723-5324
Burgart, Alyssa Clinical Instructor / LPCH Ethics Committee (650) 721-3547
Char, Danton Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine (650) 723-5760
Cho, Mildred Professor (Research) of Pediatrics (Center for Biomedical Ethics) and of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines) (650) 725-7993
Cvitanovic, Megan Ethics Consult & Fellowship Coordinator
(650) 497-0938
Dolan, Deanne Dunbar Research Scholar at the Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis (CERA)
Dunmore, Yvette Fellowship Coordinator (650) 723-9364
Federico, Carole Post-doctoral Fellow
Felder, Ryan Post-doctoral Fellow (650)725-2357
Fox, Brandy M. Post-doctoral Fellow (650)498-1014
Fishbeyn, Bela Executive Editor of the American Journal of Bioethics (650) 723-5520
Genovese, Jacqueline Executive Director, Stanford Medicine & the Muse Program (650) 725-3448 
Halley, Meghan Research Scholar (414)754-9381
Harman, Stephanie Clinical Associate Professor (650) 724-7054
Hartman, Christy Program Coordinator, Stanford Medicine & the Muse Program (650) 723-9387
Lee, Rachel Social Science Research Professional
Lin, Bryant Director of Medical Humanities and Arts (650)-387-4450
Luenprakansit, Kate Clinical Instructor (650) 723-8347
Mahamadou, Abdoul Post-doctoral Fellow (650) 250-2940
Magnus, David SCBE Director/Professor (650) 723-7735
Maldonado, Jose Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (650) 725-5599
Martinez-Martin, Nicole Assistant Professor (Research) of Pediatrics (650) 723-4480
Martschenko, Daphne
Assisstant Professor (650) 497-9432

Mintz, Kevin Post-doctoral Fellow

Nichol, Ariadne Social Science Research Professional ---
Raffin, Tom Emeritus, Biomedical Ethics (650) 723-7821
 Randev, Jessica Finance & Administration Coordinator
Rivera, Gabriella Director of Finance and Administration Assistant Director of SCBE (650) 723-8628
Steinberg, Justin Research Assistant, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics
Tabor, Holly Associate Professor of Medicine and the Associate Director for Clinical Ethics and Education (650) 498-5305
Trotsyuk, Artem Post-doctoral Fellow (650) 723-5760
Van Poetsch, Emily ELSI Research Program Manager (650) 736-1539
Waeiss, Quinn Post-doctoral Fellow (650)-724-9810

SCBE Org Chart