SCBE Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Arteaga, Daisy Department Communications Manager & Executive Assistant (650)721-5335
Braitman, Laurel Writer-in-Residence (650) 723-5324
Burgart, Alyssa Clinical Instructor / LPCH Ethics Committee (650) 721-3547
Char, Danton Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine (650) 723-5760
Cho, Mildred Professor (Research) of Pediatrics (Center for Biomedical Ethics) and of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines) (650) 725-7993
Cvitanovic, Megan Research Coordinator
(650) 497-0938
Dolan, Deanne Dunbar Research Scholar at the Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis (CERA)
Dunmore, Yvette Fellowship Coordinator (650) 723-9364
Federico, Carole Post-doctoral Fellow
Felder, Ryan Post-doctoral Fellow (650)725-2357
Fox, Brandy M. Post-doctoral Fellow (650)498-1014
Fishbeyn, Bela Executive Editor of the American Journal of Bioethics (650) 723-5520
Genovese, Jacqueline Executive Director, Stanford Medicine & the Muse Program (650) 725-3448 
Halley, Meghan Research Scholar (414)754-9381
Harman, Stephanie Clinical Associate Professor (650) 724-7054
Hartman, Christy Program Manager, Stanford Medicine & The Muse Program (650) 723-9387
Khera, Indira  Health Equity Media Fellow    
Lee, Rachel Social Science Research Professional
Lin, Bryant Director of Medical Humanities and Arts (650)-387-4450
Lowe, Chenery T32 Research Fellow 650-725-4027
Luenprakansit, Kate Clinical Instructor (650) 723-8347
Mahamadou, Abdoul Post-doctoral Fellow (650) 250-2940
Magnus, David Thomas A. Raffin Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Ethics and Professor of Pediatrics. (650) 723-7735
Maldonado, Jose Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (650) 725-5599
Martinez-Martin, Nicole Assistant Professor (Research) of Pediatrics (650) 723-4480
Martschenko, Daphne
Assisstant Professor (650) 497-9432

Mintz, Kevin Post-doctoral Fellow

Nichol, Ariadne Social Science Research Professional ---
Parekh, Sejal  Health Equity Media Fellow    
Raffin, Tom Emeritus, Biomedical Ethics (650) 723-7821
 Randev, Jessica Finance & Administration Coordinator
Rivera, Gabriella Director of Finance and Administration (650) 723-8628
Steinberg, Justin Research Assistant, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics
Tabor, Holly Director of Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, Professor of Medicine and, by courtesy, of Pediatrics and Epidemiology and Population Health  (650) 498-5305
Trotsyuk, Artem Post-doctoral Fellow (650) 723-5760
Van Poetsch, Emily ELSI Research Program Manager (650) 736-1539
Waeiss, Quinn Post-doctoral Fellow (650)-724-9810
Walls, Sydney Research Coordinator

SCBE Org Chart