Clinical Ethics Consultation: The Ethics Committees of Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health provides ethics consults for both Stanford Hospitals and Clinics Anyone may request a consult--physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, staff, patients or their families. Ethics consults usually involve a situation where patient care is impacted by conflicts in values between and/or among patients, families, and treatment providers.

Research Ethics Consultation: Benchside consultations might be conducted for a variety of purposes, including analyzing the impacts of a particular policy on the conduct of bench science, identifying the ethical or social impacts of conducting a particular line of research, or suggesting specific actions to minimize risks and maximize benefits to society of pursuing that line of research.

Service Leadership: SCBE faculty serve in a number of important leadership roles, serving on committees for the National Academy of Medicine, the NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, the NIH Novel and Exceptional Technology and Research Advisory Committee, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative “All of Us Research Program”, and the California State Human Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee. SCBE faculty also serve on numerous committees at Stanford including Stanford’s Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee, the IRB, and Stanford’s Clinical Data Use Committee.


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