OnCore™ Clinical Trial Management System

OnCore is Stanford’s secure centralized system for tracking cancer clinical research. As a requirement of our NCI Cancer Center designation, cancer-related clinical research must be tracked through a centralized database.

Registration Process

  • As soon a new protocol service request is made, please complete the Protocol Registration Form. The Protocol Registration Form is used to create the protocol record in OnCore and the Stanford Clinical Trials database, and subsequently, ClinicalTrials.Gov. Instructions for accessing the form can be found here.
  • Studies must be entered into OnCore prior to Scientific Review Committee (SRC) review. The CCTO will download all documents from eProtocol and attach them into OnCore.
  • Once all appropriate approvals and contracts are in place, OnCore will send a "Ready to Open Study" notice asking to respond with the correct Open to Accrual date. If the study does not have an external budget/contract, we do not send out a "Ready to Open Study" notice. The study may be opened to accrual by sending the open to accrual date to CCTO-OnCore@stanford.edu.

Investigator-Initiated Data Collection Assistance    

Protocol Registration

 OnCore Registration is a requirement of the NCI to track protocol records in our trial management database.

Request OnCore Updates

Request protocol status changes, staff changes or deletion of incorrectly registered subjects.

eCRF and Calendar

OnCore can create a Study Calendar or eCRF for your protocol.


Keep OnCore Updated

  • Submit the Online OnCore Update Request form when the status of your study changes (accrual suspension, accrual closure or study termination).
  • As required by the Scientific Review Committee, all study participants must be registered in OnCore within 5 business days of signing the consent.