An Evening of Queer Joy:

Express Yourself

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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 An Evening of Queer Joy centers the intersectional queer experience on the full spectrum of pain to joy by creating immersive community spaces, opportunities for authentic expression, and an environment of reflective learning.

Vision: Centering the experiences of intersectional queer pain & queer joy.


  • Queer identities are broad, intersectional, and ever-changing.
  • Queer living is complex, experienced as both isolating and inclusive; sometimes dangerous, sometimes joyful at the same time. Broader society's interaction with queerness is equally complex, covering a spectrum from embracing - performative - tolerant - hateful.
  • We seek to express these identities and complexities via spaces and experiences in which we are centered.
  • We would not be where we are today without conspirators whom: are comfortable with discomfort, actively learn from their mistakes, and understand the work of allyship is never complete.
  • Bringing the entire queer community and their conspirators together is done through active, authentic work, and other-centered, reflective learning.
  • About Us, For Us, By Us

Medium: Telling/showing collective & individual stories

  • Focus: Building spaces of queer joy


  • Increased sense of community amid isolation
  • Creating opportunities for inclusive spaces for intersecting identities
  • Reflective Learning with a lasting impact 
  • Benefitting and including the communities in and beyond Stanford
  • Create lasting impression

*Trigger Warning*

Please note that these stories discuss individual’s experiences with LGBTQIA+ identities within a society that is not always accepting. Please practice self-care when attending. Within Stanford, the Stanford Help Center and CAPS offices are available for support; Resources Fair occurs after the formal program.



Check-in coffee hour with art, interactive community art installation, and photo area


Welcome remarks


LGBTQIA+ Stories and Panel

  • Mica Yang - “The Changing Self”
  • Matthew Griffith - “Express Yourself, Don't Repress Yourself––It's Human Nature”
  • Anouska Raj - “Un-sexualizing Queerness”
  • Panel & Interactive Activity: “We’re New Here, We’re Queer, and We’re Getting Used to Stanford”
  • Nariko Nakachi - “A Love Letter to My Queer Community”
  • Finn Sadler - “Closing the Gap: Between LGB and T”
  • Jose Arzate - “Just Be”


Final remarks


Educational exhibits, cocktail hour, mingling, and dancing

Committee Members

An Evening of Queer Joy, 10/25/22


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