On-Demand Series x OFDD

OFDD offers individualized mentorship, team-building, bias, and inclusion seminars to departments and groups across Stanford Medicine upon request.

On-Demand Series topics include:


Unconscious Bias

Effective Mentorship

Diversity in the Search Process

Building Inclusive Classrooms

Managing Work / Life Fit

Team Building

Leading Inclusive Teams

Microaggression and Privilege

CME Course: Unconscious Bias in Medicine

Enroll in the OFDD-designed CME Course: Unconscious Bias in Medicine that explores instances of bias within healthcare and their consequences. Existing research on unconscious bias will provide a science-based view of this seemingly non-science topic. Case studies with examples of unconscious bias, self-assessment opportunities, and exploring bias-busting strategies will enable learners to understand how to apply content to their unique environments.

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