Katharine D. McCormick Distinguished Lecture Series

For over thirty years, the McCormick Distinguished Lecture Series has played an important role in the Stanford community, highlighting the accomplishments of distinguished women in the fields of medicine and science. This series hosts a national woman leader in science who gives a presentation on her science and on challenges and strategies for success as a woman in science. 

This lectureship has not only contributed to advancing knowledge in speakers' respective fields, but has also personified the vastly important strides women have made over the last few decades. Katharine McCormick, after whom the lecture series is named, was a pioneering scientist and philanthropist.  

The Lecture Series serves to reflect McCormick's lifelong support of women's rights. Her legacy of courage and innovation epitomizes the aspirations and values of OFDD and continues to serve as an inspiration in the office's work moving forward.

Thanks to the Katharine D. McCormick Endowment, we are able to fund the faculty fellows, as well as the annual lecture series. Over thirty women scientists have served as McCormick Distinguished speakers.

Recent past speakers include:

The Legacy of Katharine D. McCormick

Philanthropist and Women's Rights Activist
Katharine Dexter McCormick (1875 - 1967) was a U.S. biologist, suffragist, and philanthropist most well-known for her financial support of the research leading to the development of the first birth control pill.

Bequeaths to Stanford University
Katharine bequeathed $5 million to the Stanford School of Medicine for the encouragement and assistance of women in pursuing the study of medicine and biomedical research.

In addition to supporting women in medicine, funds donated by Katharine McCormick have been used to help veterans in the area. Katharine donated $250,000 to help establish, Stanford Vets Connect, a veterans center which serves as an entry for the mental health care of returning veterans and their families.