Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) StandPoint™ Faculty Engagement Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the AAMC StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey?
    The StandPoint Survey is a collaboration between the AAMC and medical schools to ensure that academic medical centers are great places to work by confidentially surveying faculty and providing comprehensive reports to help understand faculty engagement, retention, and ultimately enhance institutional culture.

  2. Why should I fill out the AAMC StandPointSurvey?
    You contribute significantly to the advancement of academic medicine and our institution, and we value your views on working here. We want to achieve organizational excellence that can provide the career you want.

    Our 2022 goal is for all departments to reach or exceed a 65%  participation rate. We will have two incentives:
    ●     Each survey respondent from the five departments with the highest participation rates of 65% or more will receive a $15 Amazon gift card.
    ●     The department with the highest participation rate will receive a catered meal from Tootsies or Coupa (department’s choice)!

  3. Who’s invited to participate?
    We invite all benefits eligible full-time and part-time School of Medicine faculty members (≥.5 FTE) as of September 1, 2022 and hope you will participate. Every response impacts the survey results.

  4. What will Stanford Medicine do with the survey result reports?
    We use the reports to help us understand how you view our institutional policies and practices, and the workplace issues that are important to you. Past results have led to new initiatives to improve our workplace culture, engagement, and satisfaction, including: expanded leadership development opportunities in the School of Medicine (e.g., Junior Leadership Bootcamp series, Starting up Your Research Group (SURGE)), and greater opportunities to build community among our faculty (e.g., LGBTQ+ Faculty Network, Health Equity Action Leadership Network, Black Faculty Affinity Meetings).

    The survey results also informed enterprise- and University-wide efforts through the Commission on Justice and Equity and Provostial IDEAL initiatives.

    Additionally, all departments receive summary reports specific to their faculty to support their strategic planning and initiatives.

  5. Will Stanford Medicine be able to trace my responses back to me?
    No, the AAMC administers the survey and confidentiality is assured in all analyses and reports. Your name and email address are used solely to remind respondents to begin or complete the survey. The AAMC ensures confidentiality by taking these measures:
    ●     Survey design and a data collection method that protects individuals’ privacy.
    ●     No identifiers are matched to reported responses.
    ●     All subgroups with fewer than five respondents are excluded from all reports.
    ●     All personally identifiable information is removed from responses to open-ended questions.

  6. I get surveyed all the time. How is this survey different?
    The AAMC StandPoint Survey provides executive summaries to understand and improve the quality of work life for faculty. The survey was developed and reviewed by experts in survey design, statistics, economics, psychology, and education. It’s been used by more than 70 U.S. medical schools to improve workplace policies and culture.

  7. Is a paper version of the survey available?
    No, the AAMC StandPoint Survey is only administered electronically. If for any reason you are unable to complete the survey online, please contact

  8. How long will the survey take?
    The survey typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

  9. If I have to stop while completing my survey, will I have to start all over again?
    Your responses will be saved however the beginning of the survey will open the next time you log in. By clicking the “Next” button on the bottom of the page, you can review the answers you previously entered and advance to the next question.

  10. How did the AAMC get my name and contact information?
    Stanford provided the AAMC with the names and email addresses of all full- and part-time faculty members for the purpose of administering the survey.

  11. What does the AAMC do with the responses?
    The AAMC combines, analyzes, and summarizes the responses and returns summaries that compile the findings from Stanford Medicine faculty.

  12. Does the AAMC store and destroy the data securely?
    The AAMC stores data on secure servers and destroys all identified data within two years of survey administration.

  13. Who can I contact at Stanford with questions?
    Kelly Heinrich:

  14. Who can I contact at AAMC with questions?
    StandPoint Surveys Team: