An Evening of Queer Joy:

About Us, For Us, By Us

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 · 3:30 - 6:30 pm

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Mission: An Evening of Queer Joy (formerly known as the LGBTQ+ Forum) centers the intersectional queer experience on the full spectrum of pain to joy by creating immersive community spaces, opportunities for authentic expression, and an environment of reflective learning. 

Vision: Centering the experiences of intersectional queer pain & queer joy.


  • Queer identities are broad, intersectional, and ever-changing.
  • Queer living is complex, experienced as both isolating and inclusive; sometimes dangerous, sometimes joyful at the same time. Broader society's interaction with queerness is equally complex, covering a spectrum from embracing - performative - tolerant - hateful.
  • We seek to express these identities and complexities via spaces and experiences in which we are centered.
  • We would not be where we are today without conspirators whom: are comfortable with discomfort, actively learn from their mistakes, and understand the work of allyship is never complete.
  • Bringing the entire queer community and their conspirators together is done through active, authentic work, and other-centered, reflective learning.


CONTENT WARNING: Parts of this event may contain themes and materials that might be difficult to discuss. For more information please reach out to Stevie Eberle at

3:30 pm


4:30 pm


4:35 pm


TEDx-style mini-talks and poems by LGBTQIA+ trainees, alumni, and community partners, including:
  • Vincent Pena (he/him), Critical Care Registered Nurse, Stanford Children's Health | Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford; Adjunct Faculty, Evergreen Valley College
    Rainbow Stickers and Support
  • Oliver Nguyen (they/them), PhD student, Biology and Center for Biological Conservation
    Queer Spite
  •  Neda Kharrazi, PsyD (she/her), Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine | Psychologist in Private Practice
    Embracing Queer Joy: A Journey
  • Thomas Satterwhite, MD ‘07, BS ‘00 (he/him), Founder, Plastic Surgeon, Gender Confirmation Surgical Specialist at Align Surgical Associates
    Being a Gender Affirmation Surgeon: A Personal Perspective as a Gay Black Man
  • Michiel Kolman, PhD, Executive MBA ‘19 (he/him), Co-Chair Workplace Pride, Chair Inclusive Publishing IPA; SVP, Research
     Networks & Academic Ambassador, Elsevier
    Queer Joy at Work
  • Adi Mukund (she/her), MD student (‘23), PhD Student in Biophysics
    Eat the Berries

5:00 pm

Inaugural LGBTQIA Activist Award

5:15 pm

Fireside chat – Intergenerational Queer Joy: Bridging Gaps in Community

5:35 pm

Closing story

5:40 pm

Closing remarks

5:45 pm

Networking Reception

This event is made possible by generous support and sponsorship from:

Evening of Queer Joy Leadership Committee

Stevie Eberle, Event Leader
Executive Director, BioSci Careers
Staff (SoM)

Glenda Estioko, Administrative Leader
Administrative Manager, Office of Community Engagement
Staff (SoM)

Megha Shatishchandra Patel, Student Leader
Medical Student

Jacky Chu, Student Leader
Medical Student

Magali Fassiotto
Associate Dean, OFDD
Staff (SoM)

Barbara Jérôme
Assistant Director, OFDD
Staff (SoM)

Lauren Hailey
Administrative Associate, OFDD
Staff (SoM)

Kathleen Victor
Administrative Associate, OFDD
Staff (SoM)

This event is being hosted with the support of the LGBTQ+ Subcommittee

Ann-Marie Yap
LGBTQ+ Subcommittee Co-chair
Executive Director, Customer Experience and Support Services
Staff (SHC)

Arturo Molina
LGBTQ+ Subcommittee Co-chair
Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Oncology


Participants of the LGBTQ+ Centering Discussion

Angela E. Hawkins
Associate Director of Educational Programs, Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Oliver Nguyen
MD Student

Adi Mukund
MD Student

Kalijah Lyona-Loy Terilli
MD Student

Benji Laniakea, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine – Primary Care and Population Health

Jacky Chu
MD Student

Megha Shatishchandra Patel
MD Student

Latishya Steele
PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Diversity

Jacqueline Alexandria McGlinchey
Local community member

Stanford’s Teaching LGBTQ+ Health Course

This course is open access to educators across the health professions, as well as other providers, staff, trainees, and patients. It includes both LGBTQ+ health content and recommendations for teaching this material to trainees in any discipline or clinical department.

Join the Stanford Medicine +OUTlist

The +OUTlist exists to promote visibility of the Stanford Medicine LGBTQ+ community to those at Stanford and beyond. The OUTlist is presented as an external list on a public website (please note: the external list is visible to everyone, including patients).

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