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Spectrum CTSA Launches OnCore User Enhancements

Single platform collects and manages study protocol, participant, and financial data

MARCH 2022

The OnCore Enterprise Research system, or OnCore, is a vendor-supported Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) that benefits Principal Investigators, research teams, and administrators involved in financial and regulatory functions by providing them with a single platform for collecting and managing study protocols, participants, and financial data. It also generates “at-a-glance” reports on study demographics, participant safety, staff workload, and many other metrics, as well as building reports for IRB and NIH.

Several OnCore upgrades are on the horizon, all of which will enhance operations. Users will soon be able to:

  • Register multiple studies in bulk

Users will simply answer three or four questions on a spreadsheet and email those answers to the OnCore Support Team. The team will then register multiple studies at one time into OnCore using its new bulk load feature. This will create efficiency by:

- Providing an option for study teams to submit multiple study registration requests through the OnCore Request     portal, and

- Reducing duplicate study registration efforts.

  • Utilize a dashboard to show department/division OnCore registration compliance. The dashboard will:

- Provide a quick glance at studies approved in the previous month that need to be registered with OnCore based on the Criteria for OnCore Study Registration, and

- Be compliant with the SoM Policy: Using OnCore

The OnCore team will contact and collaborate with each department as these upgrades are implemented. For more information, please contact the OnCore Support Team.

OnCore and REDCap Integration

Efforts are underway to link REDCap and OnCore participant management so that the demographic details of participants registered for a study in REDCap can be easily sent to OnCore. This integration will eliminate the double entry effort of registering participants in two different applications and will also highlight any discrepancies between the two datasets. Implementation is anticipated to be completed on June 30, 2022,

Read more about these on these enhancements in the next OnCore Newsletter: subscribe by emailing the OnCore Support Team.