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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is structured to enhance efficiency, quality, and productivity while promoting efficient and effective collaboration and communication among Spectrum participants, network partners, our local community, and the public in general. Spectrum’s administrative core aims to minimize the administrative burden of Cores’ activities and services while encouraging metrics-driven continuous improvement of all Cores’ functions.

Core Contacts

Ruth O'Hara, PhD
Spectrum CTSA Principal Investigator
Senior Associate Dean of Research, Stanford School of Medicine

Harry Greenberg, MD
Faculty Lead

Rajnesh Prasad, MBA
Spectrum CTSA Executive Director & Director of Finance and Administration

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

The aim of the QA/QC is to develop and implement processes to improve the quality of CTSA-related document submissions to NCATS and the eRA Human Subjects System, to promote proactive and timely communications, and to enhance engagement and coordination with SoM departments and their Spectrum-engaged faculty and staff to review and obtain institutional approvals for submitted documents. QA/QC takes a data-driven approach to evaluate the effectiveness of new processes and use the data to implement continuous and timely improvement.

Program Contact

Patricia Moussatche, PhD
CTSA Hub QA/QC Program Manager

Additional Resources

Grant Acknowledgment: NIH Requirements

Information about properly acknowledging Stanford CTSA grant support.

Prior Approval

Guidelines and instructions for securing prior approval from NCATS for KL2 and Pilot projects.