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Trial Innovation Network (TIN)

The TIN is a collaborative national network within the CTSA Program that focuses on operational innovation, excellence, and collaboration, leveraging the expertise and resources of the CTSA Program to support and promote multi-site (three or more sites) clinical research. TIN also works in partnership with other NIH institutes and centers and provides a competitive funding advantage. 


Maya Berdichesky, DMD 

Manager, Hub Liaison and
TIN Point of Contact

Kenneth Mahaffey, MD 

Medical Director
TIN Point of Contact

Researcher Support

The TIN supports researchers in streamlining multi-center study processes, leveraging national support along with local resources, reducing the time required to develop a multi-center study and connecting investigators with relevant experts. 


There are two ways to get involved with TIN:

  1. The local TIN Liaison Team will connect investigators with multi-site clinical trials initiated by other network sites.
  2. Stanford investigators may submit proposals for multi-site trials to the TIN.


Why partner with the TIN?

TIN Elements

The Trial Innovation Network is comprised of three Trial Innovation Centers (TICs), one Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC), and 60+ CTSA Hubs, and offers investigators consultations and resources for multi-center clinical research including:

    • Protocol development
    • Study operations enhancement
    • Trial budgeting guidance
    • Regulatory agreements
    • Data coordination & management
    • Data safety & monitoring
    • Community engagement studios
    • Recruitment planning & feasibility assessment
    • Recruitment materials
    • EHR-based tools & resources
    • Site identification


TIN at Work

Additional Resources

Proposal Process

TIN Toolbox

Recruitment & Retention