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Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

The CRUs, as a component of Stanford's CTSA hub, are charged with the continuous development and enhancement of a robust, well-organized and productive clinical and translational research program that can effectively leverage the growing clinical enterprise. This program is focused on facilitating an organizational framework at the department/division level to enhance the efficiency and quality of clinical research conducted at Stanford.


Peg Tsao, RN, CCRC

Maya Berdichesky, DMD

CRU Overview

The CRUs review new research protocols for recruitment and operational feasibility, and financial accountability and sustainability and ensure there has been a scientific review.


The CRUs are an integral part of the Stanford University School of Medicine research infrastructure. They consist of teams made up of department faculty and staff, organized to optimize their ability to conduct scientifically valid, high-quality, safe, compliant, efficient, and cost-effective clinical and translational research.


Spectrum support for this initiative includes individual consultations, review of current processes with recommendations, the OnCore Clinical Trial Management System, and research-participation resources.




Scientific and Scholarly Review FAQs

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Criteria for Scientific Review

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