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Community & Collaboration Core

Effective translation of discoveries to the population demands a broad-based connection between our communities and our clinical and translational research (CTR) enterprise. The Community and Collaboration Core aims to further build CTR capacity among community partners and our researchers, as well as to develop and evaluate novel ways to conduct bidirectional research.

Community Engagement Program

The Community Engagement Program aims to ensure that patients, communities, and other stakeholders are partners in the full spectrum of our translational research activities— effectively translating discoveries into the population by focusing on the broad-based connection between our communities and our CTR enterprise. Services include: grant writing support, technical assistance, liaison with Community Advisory Boards, town halls, and educational programs.

Patricia Rodriguez-Espinosa, PhD, MPH
Associate Director of Research

Program Contacts

Lisa Goldman-Rosas, PhD, MPH
Faculty Lead

Wei-ting Chen, PhD, MA
Associate Director of Community Partnerships

Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Team Science Program

The Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Team Science program uses evidence-based, shared resources and services to promote productive team dynamics on and off campus, and make meaningful and actionable contributions to the science of Team Science. The program develops educational programs for our CTR workforce, including the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course, and offers consulting services in team science and ethics to our investigators and their partners.

Program Contacts

David Magnus, PhD
Faculty Co-Lead

Mildred Cho, PhD
Faculty Co-Lead

Holly Tabor, PhD
Faculty Co-Lead