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Network Capacity Core

The Network Capacity Core ensures a seamless integration of CTSA Hubs to participate in and carry out multisite high-quality, efficient, compliant, and coordinated clinical trials. This core focuses on implementing a series of enhancements and improvements to our existing clinical research programs and supporting infrastructure by leveraging the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) and its associated Trial Innovation and Recruitment Innovation Centers.

The trial innovation network (TIN) is a CTSA initiative with the mission to inform healthcare by supporting successful multi-site trials that answer important clinical questions by leveraging the talent, expertise, and resources of the CTSA program and acting as a national laboratory to study, understand, and improve multi-site trials.

If you are interested in designing and implementing a multi-site clinical research study, please contact the Stanford CTSA Hub Liaison Manager, Maya Berdichesky (mayab2@stanford.edu), to learn more about how the Network can work with you from initial consultation through trial implementation.

Program Contacts

Kenneth Mahaffey, MD
Faculty Lead

Karl Sylvester, MD
Faculty Co-Lead

Maya Berdichesky, DMD
Manager, Liaison to Trial Innovation Centers (TIN)

Katherine Connors, MPH, CCRP
Manager, Liaison to Recruitment Innovation Centers