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Translational Endeavors Core

The Translational Endeavors Core is divided into two distinct sections: Pilot Programs and Translational Workforce Development.

Translational Workforce Development Program

This program is responsible for developing a well-trained and diverse workforce (e.g., investigators, trainees, and staff), in addition to implementing a structured program to continuously assess and improve the workforce’s capacity and capabilities.

Program Contacts

Steven Goodman, MD, MHS, PhD
Faculty Lead

Jessica P. Meyer, MBA, HMCC

Innovation Accelerator Program

This program is composed of our major pilot programs—SPARK, MedTech, and SPADA—as well as pilots in population health and community engagement (see Funding Opportunities). The program identifies and advances high-potential translational projects, “de-risking” their path to implementation in the private sector. It also provides trainees with non-scientific skills necessary for translation (e.g., intellectual property knowledge, market evaluation, regulatory pathways, and financial models).

Program Contacts

Ellen Orasa
Program Manager

Daria Mochly-Rosen, PhD
Director, SPARK

Kevin Grimes, MD, MBA, MA
Co-Director, SPARK

Josh Makower, MD, MBA
Faculty Lead, MedTech

Robson Capasso, MD
Faculty Co-Lead, MedTech

Russ Altman, MD, PhD
Faculty Lead, SPADA