Aug 14 - Aug 14
Fri - Fri

A Webinar on the National Action Agenda

Advance Upstream Social Determinants & Health Equity

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Event co-sponsored by the Stewards of Change Institute and the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences.

The need to implement systemic change in the U.S. health and human services systems has seldom been more apparent – and the opportunity to make meaningful progress toward that goal has rarely been greater. In response to this historic confluence of events, Stewards of Change Institute, the Stanford University Center for Population Health Sciences and others are creating a National Action Agenda to Advance Upstream Social Determinants and Health Equity. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the Action Agenda strategy, which is to instigate and implement systems-level change by incorporating upstream social determinants and improving data interoperability across health, human services, public health, education, public safety and other domains. Presenters will include Daniel Stein, President of the Stewards of Change Institute, Karen Smith, former Director of the CA Department of Public Health and David Rehkopf, Co-Director of Stanford’s Center for Population Health Sciences.

We’ll outline the agenda’s interrelated activities for the next 9 months, including workgroups consisting of subject matter experts from across the nation; a proof of concept demonstrating cross-domain data interoperability; and a symposium at Stanford in early 2021 to synthesize and finalize actionable steps to drive significant, tangible progress. Finally, we’ll describe opportunities to participate in the various activities. The need to do this work now is starkly underscored by the racial and socioeconomic disparities being laid bare in our country every day.