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One Year Later: Supporting Children in the Time of COVID-19

A School-Based Approach to Health & Wellbeing

A Virtual Research Workshop in Partnership with the Centre for Applied Education Research and the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences. In Fall 2020, PHS hosted the virtual conference “Supporting Children in the Time of COVID-19: A School Based Approach to Health and Wellbeing.” This conference convened researchers from the San Francisco Bay Area and Yorkshire, Stanford, the Bradford Institute for Health Research, and Wolfson Centre to examine four international challenges facing teachers, children, and their families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: mental health, the digital divide, equity in the classroom, and food insecurity.

One year later, our partners will reconvene to revisit our shared vision for this collaboration: that through interactive discussions, we can identify specific shared interests for projects to develop evidence-based solutions, adapted to each community, thus furthering our goal of improving the health and health equity of populations.


The Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS) was founded in 2015 with a mission to improve the health of populations by bringing together diverse disciplines and data. PHS aims to address a wide variety of social, behavioral, environmental, and biological factors affecting health both on a domestic and global scale.

Born in Bradford is a prospective pregnancy and birth cohort study of over 30,000 Bradfordians established to examine how genetic, nutritional, environmental, behavioral, and social factors affect health and development. The initiative was developed in close consultation with local communities, clinicians, and policy makers with the goal of informing interventions in the City of Bradford and generating robust research relevant to similar communities in the UK and across the world.

The Centre for Applied Education Research (CAER) was created via the Bradford Opportunity Area and is committed to using research to empower schools to provide the best possible education and start in life for their pupils.  CAER is a partnership between the Bradford Institute of Health Research, the Universities of Leeds and Bradford, the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the Department for Education, the Local Authority, the Bradford Research School and the Educational Endowment Foundation.