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Seminar Series: Lawrence H. Kushi

Leveraging Population, Clinical, and Data Resources for Cancer Research in Kaiser Permanente Northern California

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Lawrence H. Kushi, ScD, is the Director of Scientific Policy at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. Dr. Kushi will be presenting his work with the Virtual Data Warehouse.  Kaiser Permanente Northern California is one of the oldest and largest integrated health care systems in the United States, providing care to approximately a third of the population in the counties in which it has a physical presence.  A pioneer in use of electronic medical records, comprehensive databases capture near-complete documentation of clinical activity associated with most clinical encounters.  In partnership with the members of the Health Care Systems Research Network, Kaiser has implemented the Virtual Data Warehouse common data model to facilitate collaborative research. These data have been leveraged for research across the cancer care spectrum, from etiologic studies of cancer risk, through screening, treatment, and outcomes.  These data provide an unparalleled opportunity for research use of real-world clinical and administrative data.

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Lawrence H. Kushi, ScD
Director of Scientific Policy
Division of Research
Kaiser Permanente Northern California