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We support our partners by providing a comprehensive suite of data, evaluation, and research service.

The Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS) is dedicated to advancing health equity. The genes we are born with and the health care we receive are important for health, and Stanford has played an important role in elucidating these connections.

At PHS, we focus on understanding the tremendous impact of how the physical environment we live in, the behaviors we engage in, the social networks that we’re part of, and the educational opportunities available to us impact health over the life course. Leveraging the explosion of data from new sources (e.g., social media and wearables) and large administrative datasets, PHS is focused on 1) advancing our understanding of how these social factors influence health and contribute to disparities, and 2) in collaboration with community partners, ensuring that this knowledge is used to inform health interventions, policies, and programs that can reduce these inequities.

We support our partners by providing a comprehensive suite of data, evaluation, and research services. In contrast to a traditional research center, we aim for real-world impact in all of our work and initiatives. 

Precision Population Health and Health Equity

PHS’ strategy blends community development and data science approaches. We work closely with our partners to establish a data ecosystem and learning agenda that can help to provide local decision-makers with the data that they need to develop the right intervention or policy for the right population at the right time. Click the + sign below for selected examples of our partnerships.

CA Data for Health Opportunity & Equity (HOPE) Lab

We recently launched the California Data for HOPE Lab. Working in collaboration with local community partners, the policy lab is focused on leveraging big data and AI to advance health equity in California. Click on the + signs below to read about our three interconnected pillars, and our current projects. 

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For questions regarding PHS community impact and partnerships, contact Lesley Sept, Executive Director, Center for Population Health Sciences: