A Welcome Message from the PHS Director

Mark Cullen, MD

Whether you’re returning to campus after a great summer break, coming up after a grueling summer of work, or new to the Farm altogether, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences, and share a few of the exciting developments that have happened while you weren’t looking.

First and foremost are our data assets. As you will see flipping to our new Data Portal, many of your most frequent requests —for example commercial claims data and Medicare—are moving from their vendors to our Data Core, and we are moving along in our development of tools to make these datasets more easily accessible for you. At the same time, we are identifying and documenting additional datasets that we hope will be of interest to schools and departments across the university. We also have even more data that you will be able to access through liaison with one of our partners. To help you navigate through this treasure trove, our rapidly expanding “concierge” data broker team is at your disposal. In addition, our team of engineers and designers are working furiously to expand our data offerings and their ease of accessibility and use.

As fast as the dataset pool is growing, the scope and depth of active initiatives—many already funded—expands weekly. Organized around our working groups, many of these initiatives offer excellent opportunities for research trainees and new collaborators. Our team can help you broker these openings by emailing us at: PHS Research. And of course you can add to this growing body of work by applying for PHS pilot funding before October 7.

Speaking of working groups, there are some new ideas swirling for areas that are reaching cross-campus salience and dovetail with new data assets. Come to one of our upcoming brown bag lunches to learn more about these ideas, and see if one may excite your iterest, such as “food and nutrition”, or “adolescence,” or “behavior change” or “the environment,” all ideas raised by members in search of new opportunities, colleagues and data.

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