PHS Director Receives $11M NIH Award to Launch Precision Health Projects in Underserved Communities

Bonnie Maldonado, MD and Mark Cullen, MD

Building on the School of Medicine’s leadership around precision health, we are delighted to announce the success of our application to become one of the first NIH precision health centers dedicated to the eradication of health disparities. Entitled “SPHERE—Stanford Precision Health for Ethnic and Racial Equity,” this new 5-year $11.5 million-dollar award showcases core features of our nascent Center:

  • Transdisciplinary collaborations. Tapping into the interdisciplinary network that PHS has created, SPHERE’s project teams represent faculty from a diverse set of schools and departments across the university. 
  • Health equity. Leveraging PHS’ work related to health disparities, a core theme underlying research led by our working groups, SPHERE’s projects will:
    • Look for chronic arthritis biomarkers among members of a rural Native American tribe
    • Test weight reduction strategies on biomarkers of disease among obese for Mexican-American children
    • Develop best practices for communicating genetic cancer risks to Latinos and Asian Americans.
  • Community engagement. PHS’ Office of Community Engagement will lead SPHERE’s effort to meaningfully engage racial/ethnic and low income communities in the three proposed research projects.

We will be posting project highlights and many new collaboration opportunities over the next few months. If you would like to receive general project updates, join our mailing list. To receive information about collaboration and funding opportunities, we invite you to become a PHS member

PHS Funding Opportunities

The Spectrum Innovations & Pilots Program accelerates the translation of medical discoveries into better health through innovation training, mentorships and pilot funding of promising projects.

Population Health Sciences Pilot Grant Overview and Request for Proposals.

Proposal deadline — October 7, 2016

PHS Data Center Updates

We are expecting several exciting datasets over the next few months:

IPUMS, an administrative dataset containing individual census records on every American alive and included in the Census from 1790 – 1940, is now available. Once prepared, IPUMS can be linked to identified datasets.

Please email Isabella Chu to learn how to access this dataset.

PHS Working Group Updates

Please look out for our newletters and email invitations for the upcoming Working Group Meetings.