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PHS and SCI Award Equity Impact Research Grants to Address Health Disparities

April 10, 2023. "Community engagement is critical to improving health equity,” said Alyce Adams, Stanford Medicine Innovation Professor. “We launched the Equity Impact Research Grants to catalyze community-engaged research. We are proud to collaborate with the San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium on our first round of projects focused on promoting cancer equity in the region.”

It’s personal: Stanford-led research reveals how people’s experience with climate-related disasters affects their willingness to take and accept protective actions

March 1, 2022. “As catastrophic wildfires, hurricanes and other events increase in frequency, they are having severe emotional, social and economic consequences on people’s lives,” said Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, an assistant professor of Earth system science at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth) and Spectrum PHS Pilot Grantee, lead author of the hurricane study and sole author of the wildfire study. “It is imperative that we design ways to mitigate those impacts with an eye toward empowering vulnerable communities.”

5 Questions: Ami Bhatt on gut microbiomes in understudied populations

February 24, 2022. The Stanford Medicine professor and PHS Faculty Fellow on why it’s important to better understand the microbiome of people transitioning from traditional to Westernized lifestyles.

Differences in COVID-19 Risk by Race and County-Level Social Determinants of Health among Veterans

December 13, 2021. Former PHS Trainee Jacqueline M. Ferguson, E&PH postdoctoral researcher Hoda S. Abdel Magid and colleagues at VA Palo Alto Healthcare System released the results of their latest COVID-19 disparities research in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

We are playing whack-a-mole with variants – and the virus is winning

January 4, 2022. PHS faculty fellow Manu Prakash co-wrote a Comment for The Telegraph, warning, "If we do not vaccinate the world, the pandemic won't end. More variants will emerge, millions more lives will be lost." 

Opinion | Advance Market Commitments Worked for Vaccines. They Could Work for Carbon Removal, Too.

December 22, 2021. Spectrum PHS Pilot Grantee Susan Athey and co-authors write in this Politico OpEd, "To avoid the worst effects of climate change, most climate models agree that it won’t be enough to just reduce emissions. We’ll also need to permanently remove huge amounts of CO2 already in the atmosphere — five to ten billion tons per year by 2050, roughly the equivalent of the United States’ annual emissions."

Opinion: The US gives millions to Big Pharma. But we need more nonprofit drugmakers

December 2, 2021. Check out this new OpEd for the Chicago Tribune from PHS Faculty Fellow, Manu Prakash. 

Stanford pediatricians launch Office of Child Health Equity to improve childcare support and health access

November 28, 2021. A team within Stanford Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics, led by executive director [and PHS Associate Faculty Director of Policy and Advocacy] Lisa Chamberlain, launched the Office of Child Health Equity in early October. The Office aims to eliminate children’s health disparities so “all children reach their full potential,” according to its mission statement.

New Index Tracks State-Level Progress on Promoting Health and Well-Being of Older Americans

November 23, 2021. States in the US vary widely in how well they are adapting to their aging populations, according to a new Milbank Quarterly article that ranks states based on an index measuring societal aging. PHS Director David Rehkopf is quoted and PHS Fellow Holly Elser is mentioned.

Stanford researchers design a frugal way to study complex systems and materials

November 15, 2021. "I hope people consider this an open invitation to explore." Using a slippery surface, a permanent marker and a common ingredient in food coloring, Prakash Lab researchers developed a table-top method to rapidly prototype complex geometries. Manu Prakash is featured.

5 Questions with Dr. Marshall Burke on the Costs of Climate Change

November 10, 2021. Global Health and PHS Faculty Fellow, Dr. Marshall Burke has focused his research on quantifying the social and environmental impacts of climate change in ways that resonate with politicians, decision-makers, and the general public. 

A new effort to help communities adapt to climate change

November 6, 2021. Spectrum PHS Pilot Grant awardee Gabrielle Wong-Parodi and PHS faculty fellow Marshall Burke are interviewed by PBS about finding solutions to keep the most vulnerable safe, and building a bridge connecting climate science to those most harmed by climate change.

Carbon implications of marginal oils from market-derived demand shocks

November 3, 2021. PHS researchers Giacomo Benini [pictured here], Alice Milivinti, Adam Brandt, & colleagues explore the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions impacts of marginal crude sources in this new Nature study.

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