Education & Training

Our goal is to train the next generation of population health scientists, scholars, and leaders. PHS' educational efforts span across all of our core areas.

Epidemiology and clinical research

Master's - A program designed primarily for physicians and students with interests in clinical epidemiology who anticipate careers in translational and clinical research.  Students receive training in epidemiologic methods, statistical analysis, and other areas essential to patient-oriented clinical research.

Doctoral: Methodologic and interdisciplinary training that prepares scholars to carry out cutting-edge clinical, translational, and population-based epidemiologic research.  The program draws on Stanford’s strengths in statistics, biology, computer science, genetics/genomics, and bioinformatics.

Biomedical informatics

Doctoral - This interdisciplinary field that combines ideas from computer science and quantitative disciplines (statistics, data science, decision science) to solving challenging problems in biology and medicine. Applicants enter our program with many different backgrounds, so the program is designed to be flexible. Training in informatics and biocomputation is also available through other departments at Stanford, such as Bioengineering, Computer Science, Statistics, and Genetics.

Health Policy

Master's - This program provides students with the skills to conduct and interpret research in health policy and clinical decision-making.

Doctoral - This program educates future scholarly leaders in the field of health policy to be highly knowledgeable about theoretical and empirical approaches that can be applied in the development of improvements in health policy and the health care system. The curriculum covers a range of health policy areas including health economics, insurance, and financing, international health policy and economic development, cost-effectiveness analysis, relevant statistical and methodological approaches, and health policy issues related to public health concerns. In addition to taking a set of core courses, students are expected to complete coursework in either health economics or decision sciences.

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