Master of Science Degree in
Epidemiology and Clinical Research


The Master Degree in Epidemiology and Clinical Research is directed by Drs. Victor Henderson and Rita Popat.  The program provides students with the skills essential to patient-oriented clinical research, including epidemiologic methods and statistical analysis. 

Many students are clinical investigators with an MD or comparable clinical degree, often in fellowship stages of their training or already junior faculty members. The program also considers applicants from doctoral programs in the social, behavioral or biological sciences, who are interested in a concurrent master degree and wish to apply epidemiologic techniques in their areas of research interest. The program also serves as a rigorous introduction to epidemiology and clinical research for students with baccalaureate degrees who anticipate careers in clinical epidemiology or medicine.

The MS program is typically completed in two years (four to six quarters). All candidates must satisfactorily complete 45 units of graduate course work with a 3.0 (B) or better, as well as a master thesis usually based on original research related to clinical epidemiology.

In addition to satisfying the core course requirements, students must take additional electives in in their area of concentration.

Online Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology and Clinical Research

For students who are interested in a shorter program that can be completed in less than a year, we are now offering an online graduate certificate in Epidemiology & Clinical Research.

For details and application information, please visit the graduate certificate website.