Students' Posters

Sophia Colombari Figueroa (2014, Human Biology), Lisa Goldman Rosas

Vivamos Activos Fair Oaks - Evaluating Two Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Obesity in a Hispanic, Low-Income Community

Aliza Gazek (2013, Human Biology)

From Local To Global: A Stanford Undergraduate’s Exploration of Food Systems

Taylor McAdam (2013, Urban Studies)

From Global to Local: Comparing Food Practices of Young Italians and Americans

Lucyann Murray (2013, Human Biology)

AeroFarms® Farm in the School (FitS)

Hannah Rich (2013, Human Biology, Honors in Education)

Assessing Teacher Perceptions of School-Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa

Noah Smith-Drelich (Law School Graduate)

Buying Health: Assessing the Effects of a Vegetable Subsidy

Hanna Burch (2013, Human Biology), Tim Dang (2013, Human Biology), Hannah Kohrman (Co-Terminal Masters, Earth Systems), Jon Proctor (2014, Earth Systems), Mark Gaertner,Christopher Gardner.

Increasing Vegetable Consumption: Stealth Intervention through Dietary Exposures and Garden-Based Education

Elizabeth Carls (2015, Public Policy)

Combating Food Insecurity through Field Work, Business, and Policy

Gustavo Chavez (2014, Human Biology), Juan Reynoso (2014, Human Biology), Brittany Rymer (2013, Philosophy), Erin Bird, Wolfram Alderson, Mark Batcheler, Christopher Gardner

Increasing Youth Vegetable Preferences Through Farming and Cooking Education

Emily Cohodes (2013, Psychology), Cathy Heaney, Christopher Gardner, James Gross

The Effect of an Ethical Vegetarian Campaign on Omnivores’ Meat Consumption and Attitudes Toward Animals

Janet Genser (2013, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity)

Richmond Farm 2 Table: Merging Health and Community

Shirlee Lichtman (Doctoral student, Economics)

Does Banning Carbonated Beverages at Schools Decrease Student Consumption?

Esther Oh (2013, Sociology), Larry Crowder, Jack Kittinger

Fish, Fishers, and Fisheries - The Beginning Stages of Survey Design to Implement Social Network Analysis of Nearshore Fishing Communities in Hawaii.

Erika Lisette Roach (2013, Human Biology/Psychology)

Nutrition Internship at Vaden Health Center 

Allen Xu (2015, Economics)

Bridging the Gap: Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development at the Global Center for Democracy and Development

Zach Yohannes (2013, Earth Systems)

Gro-Mart - Urban Controlled Environment Agriculture

Kyra Vargas (2015, Anthropology)

SPOT (Stanford Pre-Orientation Trips) Farming

Caroline Hodge (Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2013), Priya Fielding-Singh (Doctoral Student, Sociology)

Stanford Farm Project