Students' Posters

PDF's for some of the posters are also available by clicking on the poster title. 
(In alphabetical order by student's first name)


Adrienne Rose Johnson (Modern Thought and Literature, PhD, 2015)

Health and the Humanities: Diet Advice and Traditions of American Perfectibility


Adrienne Pollack (Earth Systems, 2016)

Biotechnology: A Case for Investment in Alternative Staple Crops


Asha Brundage-Moore (Human Biology, 2015)

Expanding kids’ vegetable preferences through farm‐based education


Corey Radis (Earth Systems, 2014 and Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2015)

Using Searsville Reservoir Sediment as Agricultural Soil


Jenna Kim (Wellness Advisor, BeWell and Health Improvement Program)

Impact of the Dining Ambassador Program on Undergraduate Students


Jennifer Hartle, PhD (Postdoctoral Researcher, SPRC, School of Medicine)

Probabilistic Modeling of Potential Bisphenol-A (BPA) Exposure in School Meals


Jessica Ferrell (Health 4 All)

Evaluation and Development of School Gardens Across Palo Alto Unified School District 


Julia Daniel, undeclared, 2017,

The Effects of Coal-Based Anthropogenic Pollution on Agricultural Soils in Jianghan Plain, China


Katie M. Murphy (Chemistry, 2015)

Cell Wall Histochemistry of Maize Anthers


Kelsey Pian (Undeclared, 2017)

Map-Based Cloning of a Male Sterile Mutant Gene, csmd1, in Maize


Kevin Madrigal

Understanding Food Environment in Families Participating in Garden Education


Laura Conigliaro (International Relations, 2015) 

The Policy Process of Genetically Modified Organisms in the European Union


Laurie Rumker (Human Biology, 2015)

Stability and Resilience in the Human Microbiome:  Response of Gut Microbiota to Colonic Lavage


Lazara Ramos (Earth Systems: Sustainable Food & Agriculture, 2015)

Environmental Education & Behavior in Bay Area Farmers' Markets


Nicole Follman (Anthropology, 2015)

Agricultural Transitions in the Heartland: The Next Generation of Iowa Farmers


Nicole Giron (Human Biology, 2016)

GOALS@Home: Exploring the effectiveness of family, community and clinic collaboration in treating childhood obesity


Mt. Diablo High School

Sustainable Hospitality Pathway - Model Program