Food Summit Video Library

On this page you can access the videos from the morning talks and the Closing Keynote Speech. Use the list immediately below to identify the talks you are interested in. You will need to scroll down to locate them.

  • Christopher Gardner: Welcome and Introduction (currently not available)
  • Sara Wiederkehr: The Farm on the Farm             
  • Matt Rothe: Transparency in Food Systems (currently not available)
  • Sarah Soule: Sustainable Food Movement
  • Debra Dunn: Inspiring Eaters with Sustainable Food (currently not available)
  • Debra Satz: Food Ethics
  • Rob Reich: Food Politics (currently not available)
  • Buzz Thompson: Reforming the Farm Bill (currently not available)
  • David Lobell: Global Food Security
  • Christopher Gardner: Quest for the Optimal Diet
  • Ira Lit: Healthy Schools (currently not available)
  • Jesse Cool: Bringing it Back to Your Kitchen and Table (currently not available)
  • Anya Fernald: Closing Keynote Speech (currently not available)

Sara Wiederkehr: The Farm on the Farm

Sarah Soule: Sustainable Food Movement

Debra Satz: Food Ethics

David Lobell: Global Food Security

Christopher Gardner: Quest for the Optimal Diet