Diversity at the VSC

The Department of Comparative Medicine stands united against racism, hatred, injustice, and discrimination. We firmly believe that diversity in our community makes us stronger. As such, we value and are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our academic mission: research, clinical service, and teaching.

Sherril L. Green
Chair, Dept. of Comparative Medicine

(New) Brave Spaces

New resources have been made available to help the Stanford community discuss and identify ways to combat inequality and anti-Black racism under the IDEAL-engage initiative.

These include Brave Spaces, a virtual forum that will be offered throughout June to provide a space for Stanford staff to have open conversations about racial inequality. To support these discussions and move toward action, resources about racism and allyship have been added to the IDEAL Engage Cardinal at Work site (link above).

In addition, to provide managers with information and tools to promote equity and inclusion within their teams, resources have been posted in the Manager Toolkit. The focus is on increasing understanding and encouraging the use of a discussion framework to facilitate 1:1 or team conversations.


Helpful Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic compounding with recent current events is causing a tremendous amount of stress, fear and anxiety for many people.  It is important more than ever to take care of your mental health.  Below I have compiled a list of offerings through various resources:

Updated 6/23/2020